Our History

Founded in April 2012, Safari256 Limited has evolved from a one man company handling small websites in Uganda to a world class ICT firm collaborating with renown international companies on projects.

Gerard Mugema, the Founder and CEO who has been at the helm of the company from day one, initially used to do all the work all by himself with very little or no help from outside. With time, as business increased, Gerard thought it wise to build a team to do what he does, and maybe do it even better or more efficiently.

Today, Safari256 boasts of a team of smart hard-working ladies and gentlemen, most of them graduates, who very efficiently work together to ensure that we give to our clients no reason to look elsewhere.

Our Mission

To enable businesses grow by helping them leverage Technology and the Internet

Our Vision

To be the leading ICT Consultancy in Africa and the world.

What makes us Different

We have a team of smart, experienced and above all hard-working young men and women that enables us to provide quality solutions at very affordable rates.

Also at Safari256, unlike other companies, we believe that for every project we get, it’s very important to involve the client at all stages. We always work with the client from the time they let us do a project, to the time we handover the final product. This not only makes the final product acceptable to the users, it makes the owner have a sense of ownership of the product.

At Safari256, We decided to stick with the services we are excellent at in order to offer a great service to our clients. Service providers that specialize usually sell the best quality and offer best prices for products – and that’s exactly what Safari256 does!

Lastly, we know how to keep promises. We do what we say we’ll do – if we won’t do it, we won’t say we’ll do it.

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